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Imports bearing the characteristics of the plastic cage (B)

Imports bearing the characteristics of the plastic cage (B)

On the metal cage can not meet the host requirements of the occasion, plastic cage showed a special advantage. Does not allow the use of lubricants such as liquid oxygen (-183
) in the work of the imported bearings, with stamping steel cage deep groove ball bearings 6204 in the 100kg axial load, 10000r/min operating under 16min Jibei burned, The glass fiber reinforced PTFE plastic production cage angular contact ball bearings, at 100kg axial load, 20000r/min operate under 20h, the friction torque has remained flat. With molybdenum disulfide, PTFE, glass fiber modified polyimide for bearing cage can be radiation in a vacuum oil-free lubrication work, has been applied to the Apollo spacecraft. Oil-bearing porous polyimide cage long-life bearings in the gyroscope, the porous oil-cloth laminated sheet Phenolic cage bearing bodies in the communications satellite, polyimide cage in high-speed dental drill bearing, glass fiber-reinforced poly - Amide 66 cage in a car's gear box, differential gear box, clutch and wheel hub, the pumps and mine delivery devices, the use of results are very good.




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