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China Bearing Industry History (C)

China Bearing Industry History (C)  

    (A) The ground-breaking stage (1949 ~ 1957)

    Wafangdian Bearing Factory in 1949 to resume production, becoming China's first independent production of bearings business. During the Korean War, some moved north Wafangdian Bearing Factory of Harbin, was completed in April 1951, Harbin Bearing Factory and put into production. Shanghai Bearing Industry 1953, the formation of Qin Fuxing shaft collar factory, walk around bearing plant, new machinery plant and Kim Heung Wing Tai Iron Works plant and four centers in more than 10 satellite plants. The assistance of the former Soviet Union, the National, one of the 156 major projects Luoyang Bearing Factory by the end of March 1954 broke ground in 1957 and began trial production of 136 thousand sets of ordinary bearings. So far, China's bearing industry Wafangdian, Harbin, Luoyang, Shanghai, initially formed the four main production base for the bearing industry laid the foundation for the development. In 1957, the output of the country bearing mark the first time exceeded 10 million units.




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