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China Bearing Industry History (D)

China Bearing Industry History (D)  

(B) system to form stage (1958 ~ 1977)

    At this stage in the country "a • 5" to "5 • 5" five year plan period of development, to the bearing industry has brought new opportunities. "A • 5" mid-Luoyang Bearing Factory in July 1958 through the national acceptance, the successful put into operation; Shanghai began to form a bearing industry with local characteristics of the bearing industry base; Wafangdian, Harbin Bearing Factory fleshed out, for a larger
发展. At the same time built a department directly under the 10th Luoyang Bearing Research Institute and Design Institute and other scientific research, plant design agency. This period, the bearings supporting the manufacturing industry focusing on the host of new product development faster, has started production of automotive universal joint needle bearings, magneto bearings, machine tool spindle bearings and precision bearings, and the trial of the railway locomotives, rolling machines, heavy machinery , the oil industry and air generators, tanks, and other parts of the host required for supporting bearings.




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