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High-temperature bearing steel

High-temperature bearing steel

Typically, the operating temperature at 150
over the use of bearings known as the high-temperature bearings. As the chromium bearing steel in the use temperature exceeds 150 ~ C, its hardness will be a sharp decline, size, instability, and lead to bearing not work correctly. So for the working temperature 150 ~ E ~ 250 work under conditions of bearings, if the rings and rolling bodies still use an ordinary high carbon chromium bearing steel, it must be right to conduct a special tempering bearing parts handling, should generally be higher than the Work carried out under the tempering temperature of 50 . After tempering treatment according to the above requirements bearing steel, able to work under the normal use temperatures. But a decrease of hardness after tempering, bearing life decreased. When the bearing operating temperature is higher than 250 , then must use high-temperature bearing steel.
In addition to high-temperature bearing steel bearing steel should have a normal performance, we must also have a certain high-temperature hardness and high wear resistance, high temperature contact fatigue strength, oxidation resistance, high-temperature impact resistance and high temperature dimensional stability. Commonly used in high-temperature bearing steel are:
Molybdenum steel: Cr4M04V, Crl5M04, 9Crl8Mo, Crl4M04;
Tungsten Steel: W9Cr4V2Mo, W18Cr4V;
Tungsten molybdenum: W6MoSCr4V2.
High-temperature bearing steel W, Cr, V, Mo and so can form insoluble carbide under high temperature, and tempering time can be dispersed carbide precipitation, resulting in secondary hardening effect, so that such steel under certain temperature still has a more high hardness, wear resistance, strong anti-oxidant properties, high fatigue resistance and dimensional stability. High-temperature bearing steel of which the Cr4M04V and W18Cr4V most commonly used.




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