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process performance Metal profile (1)

process performance Metal profile (1)
1: Cast of (can be cast of): refers to the method of casting metal can be used obtain qualified casting performance. Castability include liquidity, contraction and segregation. Liquidity refers to the ability of liquid metal filled the mold, is the solidification shrinkage, the volume shrinkage of the degree of segregation is the solidification of metal during the cooling process, due to differences in crystallization has caused metal chemical composition and organization of internal heterogeneity .
2: malleable: that when the pressure processing of metal materials, can change shape without crack performance. It includes hot or cold state capable of forging, rolling, drawing, extrusion and other processing. The quality of malleable metal material mainly related to the chemical composition.
3: Cutting of (can be cutting, machining of): means the metal cutting tool materials are processed and become parts of the ease of compliance. Machinability common good and bad parts of the surface roughness after processing, allowing the cutting speed and tool wear measured. Metallic materials with the chemical composition, mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and the degree of work hardening, and many other factors. Hardness and toughness is often used for rough machining of good and bad judgments. General talk, the higher the hardness of metal materials more difficult cutting, hardness was not high, but the toughness, cutting also face difficulties.
4: Welding of (solderability): refers to the welding of metal materials processing to adapt performance. Mainly refers to the welding process in certain conditions, access to quality ease of welded joints. It includes two aspects: First, binding properties, that is, the welding process in certain conditions, certain metal sensitivity of the formation of welding defects, the second is the use of performance, that is, the welding process in certain conditions, certain metal welding the applicability of the use of joint requirements.

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