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China Bearing manufacturer (1)

China Bearing manufacturer (1)


China ZWZ Bearing enterprises such as, Los axis, such as in Kazakhstan axis high proportion of high-end products, product quality, reliable, and general bearing low-end enterprise products are mainly used in the automotive market. In the truck bearing support, the main use of local products of domestic trucks. In passenger cars bearing support, the small-displacement, low-grade cars majority use local products, but the main use of high-end foreign brand cars.

Current car bearing industry has formed a ZWZ, Los axis, Kazakhstan shaft, universal money tide, Xiang-axis, Hailin Bearing Factory, etc., represented by a number of leading suppliers, the overall development is faster. However, compared with the world bearing power, China's bearing industry still lags behind its main performance for the high-precision, high-tech and high proportion of low value-added products.

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