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International Bearing Expo presented five ideas for future development (1)

International Bearing Expo presented five ideas for future development (1)

    May 12 to 14, 2010 China (Dalian) International Bearing Exhibition in Dalian World

Expo Plaza. It is Dalian Machinery Industry Association and Wafangdian City in Dalian,

China Import and Export Commodities Fair and Dalian International Industrial Expo

hosted platform Fifth International Bearing Expo, also bearing industry and other

industrial categories on the same stage show, co- the development of the show.
    Bearing this year's International Fair is a rebound in overall demand for

electronic products in China, enterprises continue to increase the pressure of

competition at the situation. Organizers to seize the favorable opportunity of

economic rebound in the expansion of the scale, professional level do to improve the

article, to achieve positive results. 29 exhibitors (including 10 special equipment

companies), set up booths bearing 127, an exhibition area of 3,000 square meters,

exhibitors product development in areas related to national priorities, with wind

power, railway, metallurgy mill, precision machine tools, automobiles, maritime,

aviation, rail transportation, and special areas of oil drilling, nuclear power,

military and other kinds of bearings and bearing products of raw materials, forgings,

bearing parts, lubricants, abrasives, there polisher processing equipment such as

bearings, totaling more than 2000 species.

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