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New Metal Polymer Composite Bearings (1)

New Metal Polymer Composite Bearings (1)

April 28, 2010 Schaeffler Group Industrial Division at its INA brand has introduced a new polymer composite materials of metal bearings. This

New types of INA bearings in the swing application particularly effective, than the existing bearing types have a longer rated life. Moreover, all

New Metal Polymer Composite bearings are lead-free, and therefore environmentally friendly.

Sliding wear characteristics of low

INA Bearing metal polymer composite material properties is the combination of plastic and metal materials. This composite material achievements of its low

Sliding wear characteristics, high load capacity and thermal conductivity performance. The static load of up to 250 N / mm ². This material with its

Some high moisture resistance can be used to water or other medium.

INA Bearing metal polymer composite material is applied in the smallest space, and relatively high sliding speeds, high cost performance products

. This sliding bearings, including bushings, flanged bushings, thrust washers and the slider. Excellent performance on the material forming it in accordance with

The special needs of our customers, designed to perform different rotation? Straight and swing movement components.

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