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China Bearing Industry History (A)

China Bearing Industry History (A)

China is the world's first invention of rolling one of the countries. And data from the archaeological perspective, China's most ancient structure of an early form of modern rolling bearings, appeared in 221 BC ~ 207 BC (Qin Dynasty) in this Yongji County, Shanxi Province village of Xuejia cliff. AD 1280 (Yuan Dynasty) in the ancient Chinese astronomical instruments is also used cylindrical rolling bearing. Although the history of China in the rolling bearing technology have been walking in the forefront of world civilization, but in the old China Bearing Industry is very backward.
After the founding of New China, especially in the seventies of this century has been a strong push in the reform and opening up, the bearing industry has entered a new period of rapid development of high quality. Founding five decades, China's bearing industry has made brilliant achievements attracted worldwide attention!
   Bearings (bearing short) is a widely used machine-building industry, demanding component parts and basic parts, known as the mechanical joints.
As the use of a wide range of decisions bearing species diversity and complexity. Because of the demands strict determine the importance of bearing quality and performance. Bearing manufacturing industry is the basis of a sophisticated pieces of manufacturing, its accuracy to 0.001 millimeters (mm) measured in the general machine parts manufacturing tolerances generally only 0.01mm. The motor noise and vibration, depends largely on the bearing quality; high-precision machine tool spindle and the temperature difference of swing, but also closely linked with the bearing quality. Telstar DL device bearing performance, directly affecting their communication effe

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