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Local car bearing the face of challenges (3)

Local car bearing the face of challenges (3)

    Innovation and customer resources to expand the competition to win in two ways
    According to statistics, 75.2% of the local bearing supplier focused on international development and sales of aftermarket 21.3% of enterprises are mainly to provide services for the domestic commercial vehicle while only 13.5% of the company made it clear that the face of the global supply of domestic passenger car OEMs Bearing supplier supplier status and cross-bearing manufacturers own brand of aggressive posture bearing manufacturer in China to seize explosive situation in the domestic car market to open the domestic market sales thinking and become local suppliers to explore a major problem
    First, the domestic bearing business to promote independent innovation should adhere to the path of introducing, absorption, digestion and then the road of innovation through joint ventures abroad to learn advanced technology is conducive to China's bearing industry from big to strong, while improving product quality Otherwise willing to retreat in the low-end market is not further separate the pursuit of improved productivity but to step up technological innovation, technological progress and changes in the way of economic growth industry efforts
    Second, enterprises should be good at bearing its own brand through a variety of effective marketing channels to expand the company's customer resource diversify its customer base primarily for commercial vehicles bearing complementary products supporting enterprises to actively enter the field of cars through various channels to attract domestic OEMs attention also to the analysis of bearing companies based on their competitive advantages more patience to come in contact with potential customers to understand their real needs

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