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Seiko developed the ventilation fans and other indoor ventilation systems bearing

Seiko developed the ventilation fans and other indoor ventilation systems bearing

Seiko developed the use of ventilation fans and other indoor ventilation system bearing - "low torque, high dust-sealed deep groove ball bearings." The

Bearing total-contact and non-contact type two. Has begun sample shipments. By reducing the friction loss and improve performance are real dust

Is the energy-saving and quiet technology.

Since the indoor ventilation system under normal circumstances to 24 hours of continuous work, thus requiring bearing has energy efficiency. In addition, due to be set

Bedroom home at home, etc., so also requires bearing a quiet nature. Once inside the bearing dust will produce unusual sounds, because

To realize the nature of this quiet, dust is the important part.

Contact type lip seal and internal contacts, so although dust superior performance, but the friction loss will increase. Rather than the type of close contact with

No lip seal and internal contacts, and therefore superior to-contact friction loss, but the dust of the somewhat less. Therefore, new products, respectively,

Had to make up for shortcomings of the various types of improvements.

-Contact, through computer analysis to optimize the rigidity of the seal lip. In the absence of losses due to seal contact with the formation of high anti-

Dust properties, based on the friction loss than the original product decreased by about three percent. As a result, can reduce fan motor power consumption. Non-contact

Regard, the improved seal with the interior design of the foundation, through the use of rubber gaskets, to minimize the gap. No loss of low

To improve the torque performance of dust, will be muted than the original product of about 2-fold increase.

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